Acrolinx Sidebar Interface Documentation

This page describes the interaction between the Acrolinx Sidebar and the integration. Typically you don't have to deal with these internal interfaces.
If feasible, base your integration on one of the SDKs provided by Acrolinx (See: Getting Started with Custom Integrations).

Acrolinx Sidebar API Reference

Acrolinx Sidebar API Reference


  1. Load your host editor and your integration code.
  2. Register your integration as an acrolinxPlugin (See AcrolinxPluginInterface). var acrolinxPlugin = {...}
  3. Load the Sidebar and the referenced libraries code (usually sidebar.js, libs.js, sidebar.css).


  1. Once the Sidebar has finished loading, it will request the integration to initialize by calling requestInit.
  2. The AcrolinxPlugin now must call init.
  3. Once the init process has finished, the integration will be notified onInitFinished.
  4. After initializing, the Sidebar will call configure and push the latest configuration to the integration. Initializing Acrolinx Integration and Sidebar.


  • If the user pushes the button "Check" (in the Acrolinx Sidebar), requestGlobalCheck is called.
  • The acrolinxPlugin must call checkGlobal to perform a check.
  • When the check finished, onCheckResult is called and the Sidebar displays cards for the issues. Checking with Acrolinx Integration and Sidebar.
  • Other Actions

    These are the most important interactions between the Acrolinx Sidebar and your integration. See: Acrolinx Sidebar API Reference for more details.